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Our Funding Focused Trainings

At Mental Money Podcast, education is at the heart of our mission. We understand the unique challenges that Black women in business face, and we’re committed to equipping them with the knowledge and resources to not only sustain their enterprises but also feel empowered in navigating the financial uncertainties that often accompany entrepreneurship.Our trainings are specifically tailored to address funding issues, ensuring that these remarkable entrepreneurs have the means to keep their businesses capitalized. We firmly believe in practicing what we preach, which is why a significant portion of our proceeds is dedicated to giving back to organizations we partner with, further strengthening our collective impact on the community. We’re not just about empowering individuals; we’re also dedicated to uplifting the broader ecosystem, making a lasting difference in the world of business.

Recent Trainings & Impact

The Funding Formula

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Demystifying Government Grants

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Business Credit Mastery

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Upcoming Trainings

S.W.O.T Mastery

This session is an in-depth examination of how conducting a S.W.O.T analysis can strengthen your grant funding goals.

Contracting For Business Success

This session examines a path to business growth and success through state and local government contracting.


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