In the vast and intricate realm of entrepreneurship, the right mentorship and guidance can be the catalyst for monumental growth. Jolena’s journey through The Funding Formula program is a testament to this, showcasing how targeted support can transform passion into tangible success.

Jolena, a budding entrepreneur, was fueled by passion and a clear vision for her business. However, like many in her position, she found herself navigating the murky waters of entrepreneurship, often feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of tools and strategies at her disposal. Her initial exploration into tools like ChatGPT was marked by hesitancy, revealing a gap in her understanding of how to harness such platforms for business growth.


Articulating Business Vision:

Jolena’s approach to business was akin to an artist with a vision but without the right brushes to paint. She felt the weight of her ideas but struggled to articulate them, often finding it challenging to pinpoint her target audience and craft a compelling narrative around her offerings.

Pricing and Product Management:

Beyond the ideation phase, Jolena faced the practical challenge of pricing. Recognizing the misalignment in her product pricing, she embarked on a mission to understand the nuances of value proposition and market demand.

Navigating Funding Opportunities:

The world of funding was a maze to Jolena. While she had secured a Buildout grant, the roadmap to leveraging it effectively was unclear, leading to moments of doubt and uncertainty.

Program Impact and Achievements:


Mentoring Sessions: 

These weren’t just sessions; they were transformative experiences. Through these, Jolena was introduced to a world where challenges were merely stepping stones. The guidance she received reshaped her perspective, turning obstacles into opportunities.

Strategic Business Clarity:

The program was a beacon, illuminating the path to strategic clarity. Jolena learned to refine her business language, ensuring that her communication resonated with her target audience, creating a bridge between her vision and her market.

Practical Business Solutions:

The program wasn’t just about theory; it was about actionable insights. Jolena’s introduction to an inventory management system was a game-changer, offering her the tools to refine her pricing structure and align it with market demand.


Amazon Black Business Accelerator:

This wasn’t just an achievement; it was a milestone. Through this program, Jolena gained:

  – A year-long strategic advisory, offering her a roadmap to success.

  – Financial support in the form of credits, fueling her business operations.

  – Exclusive marketing opportunities, amplifying her brand’s visibility.

Additional Achievements:

  • The Self-made community scholarship is a testament to her potential.
  • A comprehensive 5-store build-out grant, showcasing trust in her vision.
  • Recognition and support from Next League in the form of a grant  
  • Participation in elite programs like “Get Venture Ready” and the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council’s initiative.

Future Endeavors:

With a fortified foundation, Jolena’s gaze is now set on the horizon. She envisions a flagship retail location, a beacon for her brand, and is keen on exploring a myriad of programs to further amplify her business’s potential.

Confidence and Ownership:

From a tentative entrepreneur to a resolute CEO, Jolena’s transformation has been profound. Today, she wears her title with pride, ready to carve a niche in the business world.


Jolena’s journey is a shining endorsement of The Funding Formula program. Her story, punctuated with challenges, learning, growth, and remarkable achievements, stands as an inspiring narrative for budding entrepreneurs everywhere.

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