Pricing For Profit: Increase Gross Income with These Pricing Strategies with Jeet Mukherjee

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Pricing For Profit: Increase Gross Income with These Pricing Strategies with Jeet Mukherjee

Join us on ‘Pricing For Profit: Increase Gross Income with These Pricing Strategies’ as we dive deep into the art of pricing to maximize your profits. In this episode, we’re joined by special guest Jeet Mukherjee, an expert in pricing strategies and Author of “Pricing with Confidence: Ten Rules for Increasing Profits and Staying Ahead of Inflation”. Discover proven tactics and actionable insights to effectively price your products or services for optimal profitability. From value-based pricing to cost-plus methods, we explore a range of strategies designed to boost your gross income. Learn how to analyze market dynamics, understand customer psychology, and implement pricing models that align with your business goals. Tune in to unlock the secrets of pricing for profit and take your revenue generation to new heights.

About Jeet

Jeet Mukherjee is a Vice President and Head of Pricing at Holden Advisors. He is armed with over two decades worth of global experience in management consulting, strategy, analytics, marketing, and pricing. Jeet is a regular presenter and keynote speaker internationally, and coaches executives from startups to FORTUNE 100 companies.

Jeet specializes in hardware and software pricing with a B2B focus. This fall, he published Pricing With Confidence: 10 Rules for Increasing Profits and Staying Ahead of Inflation (link below) with co-author Reed Holden. He is also the proud recipient of an Edelman Laureate for his work in business analytics and optimization within distribution. He holds an MBA from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business and has worked with clients in the manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and technology sectors.

 Book: Pricing with Confidence: Ten Rules for Increasing Profits and Staying Ahead of Inflation



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