Win with Us or Watch Us Win: Turning Dreams into Dollars: a Black Woman’s Guide to a Fundable Enterprise

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Win with Us or Watch Us Win: Turning Dreams into Dollars: a Black Woman’s Guide to a Fundable Enterprise



“Win With Us Or Watch Us Win” is an empowering workbook by Nathalie Noisette, aimed at guiding Black women entrepreneurs towards grant funding success. This guide combines practical strategies with Noisette’s experiences, including securing six-figure funding. It covers topics like creating resonant business names, understanding core values, identifying ideal customers, and effective marketing. The book also offers insights into business modeling and building a support network. With exercises and additional resources, it’s not just a book but a comprehensive tool for aspiring Black women entrepreneurs to navigate the grant funding landscape and achieve entrepreneurial success.

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“Win With Us Or Watch Us Win: Positioning Black Women for Grant Funding Success

Discover the blueprint for entrepreneurial triumph with ‘Win With Us Or Watch Us Win,’ a powerful workbook by Nathalie Noisette, designed to position Black women in business for grant funding success. This guide is more than just a book; it’s a journey into the heart of effective business strategies, tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Black women entrepreneurs.

Chapter Insights:
1.Crafting Magnetic Foundations: Learn the importance of a resonant business name in attracting funders.

2.Unearthing Your Why: Delve into your core values and the driving forces behind your business pursuits.

3.Pinpointing Prosperity: Discover how to identify ideal customers for your business’s success.

4.Blueprints to Breakthrough: Understand the essentials of your business model and the power of a strong support network.

5.Market Mastery: Create products that not only meet client needs but also dominate the market.

6.Spotlight Strategies: Uncover methods to elevate your brand and acquire the tools for effective execution.

7.From Vision to Venture: Turn these concepts into actionable steps for your business journey.

8.Final Touches: Access invaluable additional resources and workbook exercises for continuous growth.

Nathalie Noisette, a Brooklyn-born entrepreneur and host of the Mental Money Podcast, shares her journey of securing six-figure funding and provides a hands-on approach to guiding you towards similar success. ‘Win With Us Or Watch Us Win’ isn’t just a read; it’s an empowering experience, combining Nathalie’s profound insights with practical strategies and exercises.

Ideal for aspiring Black women entrepreneurs, this workbook is a must-have tool for anyone seeking to navigate the world of grant funding. Get your copy today and embark on a path to not just business success, but a movement that uplifts and empowers Black women in the entrepreneurial world.”

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