Fund Your Future: 5 Modules to Business Breakthroughs

The Funding Formula: Empowering Black Women In Business

A specialized training program meticulously crafted for black women in business. Our mission is to bridge the gap between dreams and tangible success by equipping you with the tools, knowledge, and resources essential to secure the funds you rightfully deserve.

The Funding Foundation

The assets tools and framework you need to build a comprehensive funding foundation.

Elevate your business with our streamlined training program. Master the art of crafting persuasive proposals, robust business plans, and captivating pitch decks, all in one training. We guide you through each step, turning complex ideas into compelling narratives that resonate with investors and stakeholders. Transform your vision into success with our expert guidance.

Navigating the grant application process can be a maze of confusion and frustration. But with our program, you’ll learn how to effectively manage this process. We’ll teach you how to search for grants that align with your business, understand the requirements, and submit compelling applications that resonate with grant reviewers.

Business growth requires efficient processes. We understand the strain of wearing multiple hats, so we introduce you to the concepts of delegation and automation. We guide you on identifying tasks that can be delegated or automated, freeing up your time to focus on strategic decisions.

Hearing about others who have won grants can be incredibly inspiring and educational. Our program shares success stories of individuals who have navigated the funding journey successfully. Their experiences provide valuable insights and lessons, addressing the fear and uncertainty that comes with the funding process.

We understand the struggle of starting from scratch. That’s why our program provides a variety of templates and resources, such as custom trained GPT’s to offer you the support you need. You’ll get  checklist to keep you on track to financial projection models to help you get ahead- from end to end we’ve got you covered. These resources ease the burden of creating documents from zero, accelerating your progress on your funding journey.



Custom Trained GPT

We've built out custome GPT's that we have trained on our grant winning framework. It will ask you the questions and offer you the ingiths you need to build out your amazing assets. 


Weekly Q&A

Interactive sessions every week to address your queries and provide personalized guidance. It's not just another course, I want to be sure you get the support you need each week as we work through the program.


Grant Resource Bank

A valuable archieve of resources you will need to seamlessly prepare and stand out in the competitive funding landscape.


Exclusive Interviews

Gain firsthand insights from successful entrepreneurs who have secured funding, as well as from individuals who provide funding.

Program Case Studies

Meet the trailblazers who transformed their visions into thriving businesses with our program. Our alumni’s success stories are a testament to the effectiveness of our training. From launching innovative startups to securing significant funding, these entrepreneurs have used the skills learned here to make remarkable strides in their industries. Their journeys from aspiring business owners to successful leaders are not just inspiring—they’re proof of what you can achieve with the right guidance and tools

Product Based Business

Love Energy Nature Case Study

Service Based Business

Visionary Development Consulting Funding Case Study

Program Impact

Funding Through The Funding Formula

In Cohort 1 of the Funding Formula training, Mental Money collaborated with Giving Joy to award a $500 grant to Fondation Luc-Eucariste (FLE). This grant is being utilized by FLE, a grassroots organization in Bainet, Haiti, to repair a community flour mill. The mill’s restoration is crucial as it will enable the production of flour for five communities, directly benefiting around 30 families. Beyond the immediate impact on flour production, the grant also supports a program to enhance entrepreneurial skills among women. This program focuses on teaching business management, financial management, marketing, and sales. These skills are aimed at helping these women create value-added products from the flour produced, fostering agroeconomic development in their communities.


Your First Win

A Special Surprise for 150 Lucky Entrepreneurs

As a token of our commitment to your entrepreneurial success, 150 lucky participants will receive a special box with their purchase. Inside, you’ll find a unique scratch-off card, presenting you with ‘Your First Win’ – a redeemable prize designed to give your business a significant boost.

This isn’t just any prize; it’s carefully selected to propel your business journey forward. Whether it’s a tool, a resource, or a unique opportunity, it’s tailored to make a real difference in your venture. And that’s not all – each box is packed with additional resources, offering more support and guidance as you navigate the path to business success. Get ready to scratch, win, and take a significant step forward in your entrepreneurial journey!

Our renowned instructor, Nathalie Noisette, is an entrepreneur thats been able to realize over 6 figures in grant funding. Now she has turned to dedicating her time to helping black female founders unlock the full potential of their businesses. With Nathalie Noisettes’s guidance, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the grant application process, and how to maximize your chances of winning grants.

Nathalie Noisette


Meet Cohort 1

Learn about the amazing businesses that are dedicated to elevating their business

Sharitta Marshall

Meet Visionary Development Consulting: Elevating workplaces with innovative ERG program management.

Larresha Brown

As the dedicated founder of AestheticsByBre, she empowers women to unlock their inner glow and self-confidence through transformative skin rituals.

Jolena Stewart

Meet Jolena Stewart, CEO of Love Energy Nature – Empowering Sensitive Skin. Discover her inspiring journey in skincare for BIPOC communities

Rosalind Lucien

Rosalind Lucien, a passionate advocate for community, education, and equity. Discover her inspiring journey and commitment to making a difference

Nolita Sellers

Discover Nolita Sellers, CEO of Diamond Rooted Management in Cohort 1. Explore her transformative journey and learn more about her mission

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions that came up regarding the program.

What topics does the training cover?

The training provides comprehensive guidance on preparing proposals, creating business plans, developing pitch decks, and writing grant applications.

Who is this training intended for?

This training is designed for anyone seeking to secure funding for their business or project that are entrepreneurs.

What are the course prerequisites?

There are no specific prerequisites for the training. However, a basic understanding of business operations and a clear idea for a project or business you want to secure funding for will be beneficial.

How is the Training structured?

The training is structured into several modules, each focusing on a different aspect of the funding journey. It includes a mix of lectures, interactive sessions, and practical exercises.

Will there be any interactive or group activities?

Yes, interaction and collaboration are key parts of the learning experience. Participants will engage in group activities and discussions. However, all participants are expected to respect the confidentiality of ideas shared within the group.

Can I promote this training?

Absolutely! We have an affiliate program where you can earn a commission for each person that enrolls in the next cohort using your affiliate code.

What happens after I complete the training?

After completing the course, you will have a solid foundation to seek funding for your project or business. You will also have ongoing access to course materials and updates, as well as the opportunity to network and collaborate with alumni of the course.

How long does the training take to complete?

The training is self-paced however, we encourage you to complete it in 12 weeks. You have access to the contents for a total of 3 months Following the training.
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