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Brittney Coleman

Hi, I’m Brittney, of Hour to Exit and I’m  excited to invite you to become part of something truly transformative. Cohort 2 -Quarter 2 of The Funding Formula is about to begin, and I want you to be a part of this journey. If you are ready to see the potential of funding and push your project or business forward, then I’m looking forward to seeing you in Cohort 2!

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Having the confidence. This (The Funding Formula) completely gave me the confidence that I needed when going into these spaces, speaking about my business, speaking about the numbers, and our programs.
Brittney Coleman
Founder of Hour To Exit

About Our To Exit Escape Games

Hour To Exit Escape Games, founded in 2017 by Brittney Coleman and Duane Sequira, leads the entertainment industry with innovative immersive escape room experiences and educational STEAM mobile games. The company excels in creating unique puzzles and interactive learning, earning $120,000 in grant funding and making a significant impact in New Rochelle, NY, and beyond. At the heart of Hour To Exit is Brittney Coleman, a passionate innovator whose vision seamlessly integrates entertainment with education. Renowned for her leadership, creative problem-solving, and deep industry knowledge, Brittney drives the company towards excellence, community engagement, and the promotion of STEAM education.

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